Transportation & Logistics

Northwest Florida has an excellent, well developed infrastructure, making it easier for distribution companies to operate within the region. This infrastructure includes deepwater ports, commercial and local airports, Interstate 10, and rail services from four railroad companies.

The Benefits Northwest Florida offers for Transportation and Logistics Companies

The following are just a few advantages Northwest Florida has to offer:

  • Three Major Ports
    Importing and exporting products is made easier at the region's three deepwater ports. The ports are accessible via highway and railway, and often have air service located nearby.
  • Easier Shipping Via Interstate 10 and the Extensive Highway Network
    Interstate 10 runs through the center of Northwest Florida, providing quick access to transportation companies who are shipping west or east. The interstate is linked to other areas throughout the region by a network of federal and state highways.
  • Solid Network of Railways
    There are four rail service companies that provide rail service throughout the Northwest Florida region. These railways link the region to points west, east, and north and are easily accessed in various communities throughout the region.
  • Foreign Trade Zones
    There are several foreign trade zones in the region, which provides tax relief for companies importing or exporting goods.