Renewable Energy & Environment

Renewable energy is a relatively new industry to the Northwest Florida region, but the region is proving that it has the resources needed to support these types of industries. Companies such as GE Wind Energy and Green Circle Bio Energy are located within the region, having found the raw materials and workforce they needed to be globally competitive.

The Benefits Northwest Florida offers for Renewable Energy Companies

The following are just a few advantages Northwest Florida has to offer:

  • Available Sites and Buildings
    Developed by Florida's Great Northwest, the new Green Energy Park was created specifically for alternative energy companies. The 1,200 acre industrial park is located in Santa Rosa County and has available land and move-in ready buildings.
  • Tax Incentive Benefits
    Clean energy companies are one of Florida's designated high impact industrial sectors, which is beneficial to companies applying for the Capital Investment Tax Credit and High Impact Performance Incentive Grant.
  • Natural Resources
    One of the greatest assets Northwest Florida can offer renewable energy companies is its natural resources, including existing timber, good soil for growing new trees and other feedstocks, as well as quick access to ports.