Forest Products Industry

The forest industry is Alabama's largest manufacturing sector, with more than 700 active forest-related manufacturing companies located within the state. The state has almost 23 million acres of commercial forest land, the third largest area in the U.S.

The Benefits Alabama offers for Forestry and Wood Product Companies

Below are just a few of the advantages Alabama has to offer:

  • Available Lumber
    According to a report published by the Alabama Forestry Commission Alabama's forests produce a "standing volume of 34.1 billion cubic feet." The volume of Alabama's timber has been increasing over the past few decades.
  • Skilled Labor Force
    Forestry and wood products have historically been a major industry for the state. For this reason, there are many laborers in the state who are trained for these particular jobs. Additionally, workers can receive higher training through forestry-specific programs like the Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engineering and Natural Resources Management & Development Institute.